Monday, August 25, 2008

Randomness part deux

How long does it take for a water polo player to feel "comfortable" in the so stylish caps that they wear...


I have no doubt that this is a physical sport, but come on... the cute little bow under the chin? There has to be another way to keep the cap on their heads.


Took the dog to the vet this morning. His foot is healing nicely. I'm amazed at how quickly the cut is healing up. Hopefully he will be released from "house/office arrest" by the end of the week and he can start spending unsupervised time outside and by next week we can continue our morning walks. We'll find out more on Thursday when he goes in for another follow up.

We went rode the mountain bikes yesterday and for the first time in the last month, or so, I felt good on the bike and in the single-track. I'm still having mental issues with technical sections, been feeling extra timid since hitting the ground a couple of weeks ago. Mountain bike racing starts back up this weekend... well, not for me as I don't plan on racing the first race (it's too skeery)... but, for everyone else. Maybe getting back out on the different courses will help me get my head back on straight for riding. I still have a couple of weeks before I line up.

Oh well, it's 9pm and I'm tired, so it's off the computer and off to bed.

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Lagniappe said...

The manliness of them is counter effected by the totally gay head things they wear.

Hey! Good luck this weekend chica!