Saturday, August 2, 2008



Started the week with one of those blah days, or as the kids say "meh". Yep, I have to agree with the term "meh" as describing my Monday. Don't know why, but it was just one of those days.

Alan & Kyle even brought out the tried and true grin generators.

I mean, who could be grumpy when you've been alligator snow-globed?
snow globe height=

or chattered at by an angry beaver?

Life went on and then it was time to drive home. Photobucket You wouldn't know by my expression that my commute lasts a whopping 20 minutes if I catch all red lights.

Played some Guitar Hero with Kyle while Alan took care of dinner. Don't think I will ever master "hard", but Kyle is nice and lets me attempt to play. (If anyone ever hears me complain about the guys - slap me. I don't know how they put up with me when I'm in a crappy mood.)

Am I old yet?

Tuesday marked 48 years that I have been breathing Earth's atmosphere. Although I tried to play it down, Alan spoiled the game and made sure that everyone at work was in on the secret. Had lunch with a good friend and later instead of dinner out I opted for movie, popcorn and hot dogs - which ended up costing about the same. We saw the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight", but had to pass on the hot dogs as the ones they had out looked like left overs from the first showing of the day. We had popcorn for dinner and pizza for dessert.

10 miles!?! Are you serious?

This morning was Coach Alan's first Team in Training ride for the El Tour de Tucson 109 mile ride in November. In 81 days he'll have his group of riders (that range from experienced cyclists to people that haven't been on a bike since they were a kid) ready for the challenge. Today was easy spins around the local .8 mile crit loop, with the goal being to get in 10 miles... the longest journey starts with a step and today was step 1. I'll be helping as I can (unofficially) as the coach's wife which is alright by me. This way I can ride and help people along, or if I'm feeling frisky I can ride up front with the fast boys.

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Chris said...

Happy Birthday (belated). I can't imagine a grouchy Queen K.