Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glad that's over

For some reason last week was a beating and I had a major case of tired-head by Friday.

Today things are much better (thank you for asking). Slept in a bit, and got in a good 2+ hours on the mountain bike. Hopefully the rain will hold off until later on Sunday and we can ride more dirt in the morning.

I think I have the camera I want figured out. Now I just have to find a store that carries it. I know I can order on-line and even save money. But - I'm one of those that likes to touch and look at something before I buy it; besides, it also supports the LBS (I guess in this case it would be the LCS) and I think that's important.

1 comment:

Lagniappe said...

I like this about your camera..
let the five Intelligent Auto functions team up to help prevent shooting errors.

I'm always making errors.
Now, do they have intelligent auto functions for bike riding?