Tuesday, June 10, 2008

French will never be the same.

It's been brought to my attention that my attempt at blogging is (in not so many words) "lame" - thanks Chris you can now revert to calling me "Mrs. J".

The Matrix Challenge is this weekend and somehow over the last couple years I have become "The Registration Goddess" - stay on my good side or face the wrath of my high heeled shoes! (From TxBRA: RE: Matrix Challenge Waivers posted by dka on 6/10/2008 2:05:00 PM.
Ask our Registration Goddess on Saturday. Be nice though because she will rip out your lungs and step on them in her high heels.
) Two days from 5:30am - 8:30pm UGH! But... I should have something interesting to share afterwards.

Like at the last race I worked which happened to fall on the same day that Daylight Savings Time began. This guy walks up as we are packing up registration for the day and wants to sign up for his race. I tell him "I'm sorry, but registration is closed". He says "that's OK, I'm pre-registered". I tell him "no, registration is closed and that the race started at 11:00". He said "but it's just a little after 10:00". I tell him "no - the time change was this morning, it's after 11:00" and that his race took off about 10 minutes ago. I won't repeat what he said, but I think it was French. Which leads to a recent happening...

Kyle & I recently traveled to Alabama for a race and during the many hours in the car one of the songs included the infamous "F"word. I made a comment about him listening to that kind of music and he reminded me of the time that Mike D. dropped an F-bomb then followed with "pardon my French" and Kyle's response was "didn't know that was French". Anyway, had to tell that to tell this... When we got back from Alabama I was overjoyed to find that my computer had crashed. I called Dell and talked to a nice support person in Nashville (YEA! gold level support), we go through the restore process and I leave the computer to do it's thing while Kyle & Willis play Guitar Hero. I come back in to check on the computer and the guys inform me that I have the blue screen of death... "FfffffffffFRENCH!!!" Which brings laughter from the guys as they know what I really wanted to say.


Lagniappe said...

THAT sucks. Did you get your computer working again?
Funny stuff Kathy. I laughed my ass off reading this.

aka Kathy said...

So far it's working, but this was not the 1st time it crashed on me. I have learned to be better about backing up data.

Chris said...

It's because you got a Dell :(