Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting put in my place

Let me start off with this simple statement: I HATE RUNNING. I know it's a good workout and good for the bones (especially since I would rather be partaking in the non-impact - at least if you do it right it is non-impact - sport of cycling). I also am not fond of the early morning wake up call. I'm not a night person, but I'm also not a morning person - give me the middle of the day.

Going against my nature I am trying to get into a weekday routine of the early morning "run", or walk on off days. Shimano would be very willing partner in this daily adventure, but since the temperature in the mornings is already in the 70s I thought it would be a bit warm and stressful for him since he has a long, thick coat and he's a long way from puppyhood.

Monday morning rolls around and I leave through the garage so Shimano doesn't get worked up and excited thinking it's walk time and go solo on my morning torture session. Tuesday morning is a walk day, so I buddy up with Shimano and we get in a power walk. On Wednesday morning I head out through the garage again. Well, it seems that although Shimano may be old, he's not stupid. He's figured out what's going on and that I've left without him. I hear a couple of barks from him as I head down the street and think nothing more of it.

When I get back home and go though the back gate am I greeted my by "Boy am I happy to see you" tail-wagging dog? Noooo!!! I'm getting barked at by my dog who seems to be yelling at me for leaving without him! Great. My dog is laying a guilt trip on me. Sad thing is - it worked. I ended up grabbing the leash and taking him for a quick walk around the block so he'd be happy.

Now, I either need get/give him a hair cut or find another way to sneak out to avoid getting chewed out... literally.


Chris said...

Held hostage by the doggy!

Lagniappe said...

You could run and then come back and walk him. That way you get a REALLY good workout and a good cooldown and you both benefit.

aka Kathy said...

This coming from the person that doesn't have to work in the summer.

Great idea... BUT that would require an earlier start to the day (thanks, but NO thanks) or getting to work later; although that wouldn't be so bad I'm already spending too much time here after 5pm.