Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday was the first time on a bike after two weeks, seems strange to not ride for that long. I've had some late nights at work and although I was at a bike race last weekend I spent my time (about 13 hours each day) behind the registration table and not on a bike (time spent does not include set up and tear down each day). The race promoter nicknamed me the "Registration Goddess" - I think it should be the "Registration Idiot". At least we were in a nice shady spot down on Swiss Avenue, so we didn't feel the 100+ temps, and I could watch about 200' of the racing and two tricky corners from where we were set up.

You'd think that after spending that much time around around racers and racing I have something to share, but I think I was way too brain dead and on auto-pilot (especially on Sunday) to remember anything if it did happen. I did have fun trying to talk people into doing "just on more race".

We shared the house with two out of town racers, and I should of had a story or two to tell on them, but sadly I wasn't around much. I did manage to get lost-ish going home Saturday and was late meeting everyone for dinner. So much for "I'll just drive home the same route I took to get here." Stupid one way roads. Learned my lesson going home on Sunday and Kyle was the one to take the wrong turn and heads towards Waco. (I cheated and followed Alan - Kyle just followed Alan's directions.)

Anyway, back to this weekend and bikeling*. Did a little road ride yesterday afternoon. It took about 30 minutes before the saddle wasn't annoying and uncomfortable, but it was good to ride - even if it was the road bike. Today was the mountain bike, sooo much more fun. Got some laps in at the OCNP - nothing too hard, just some good fun time on the bike.

I have a long way to go to get in shape for racing, or at least what I call "racing", but I also have a couple months to work on it. Tomorrow morning sees the restart of early morning running (actually more walking than running right now) and I think I found a route from the house that I can ride after work and even get a little hill work in if I want.

*Thanks to Moni of Waffle House for the screwing up "bike riding" and coming up with "bikeling". That's right up there with the guy that pronounces peleton "pel-O-ten".


Chris said...

I think it should be the "Registration Idiot"... Yeah, I worked registration yesterday, so I know how that goes (sort of, you did more).

I don't the we scared Kyle *too* much.

A. Lewis said...

Your floor seems to bring good luck, or at least decent race results. hmm...why cannot all the races be in DFW.