Friday, July 4, 2008

Camera part deux

Finally decided to actually buy the camera I have been looking at and set my heart on the blue one. Planned to buy from a local store - you know support your local business and all that. Only problem is, I could not find one that had the camera I want. I talked to the manager of the local camera specialty store and he couldn't even order it although it's on their website. So, time to cruise the world wide web and go shopping online. Took some looking to find a place that had the blue one in stock, but persistence paid off and FedEx delivered my new toy on Wednesday.

I went to the track with Alan and took pictures of him and David chasing each other around in circles:
Alan & David
On the Wall

Then I had to annoy the dog:

A little camera dueling with Kyle:
Camera dueling

Finally a camera self-portrait:
Self portrait


A. Lewis said...

another trackie, very good.

Lagniappe said...

why are the camera letters backwards?

Glad you finally got it! And..yes..some of the pics are fuzzy. What up wit' dat?

aka Kathy said...

fuzzy has been fixed