Monday, October 6, 2008

I like walks in the rain...

Today started normal enough. You know - the alarm going off too early in the morning; laying there not wanting to get out of bed but knowing you have to; finally rolling out of bed and... yawn... stumbling off to start the day.

I grab the iPod, grab Shimano and we go for our morning walk. We are a couple blocks from the house when it starts sprinkling. No big deal - rain isn't so bad if you've already started your walk/run or bike ride... besides it's coming from behind me. We finish the first leg of our walk and it's time to turn around. Now it's gone from sprinkling to a steady light rain - it's still tolerable, but now it's coming at me straight on. Now I wish I had put on a hat. I get to the first turn-off to head home and think the rain still isn't so bad, I'll go ahead and finish off the walk. During the next block the rain picks up a little more and Shimano is giving me this "Why are we doing this?" look. Yeah pup-dog, you're right - why are we doing this? Time to head home!

We get home, I'm putting the leash away and when I look up Alan is standing at the back door laughing at us. I'm sure we had the poor, pitiful, wet & bedraggled look down. I really wish I had asked Alan to take a picture of us - it would have been classic.

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