Thursday, December 3, 2009


it's December already. What happened to November?

Quick update - still nothing really happening.

As for racing, we finished the TMBRA Fall Series up the first of November. The race in Ruston LA is a omnium style stage race. Instead of just the cross country race on Sunday, we also had a short track and time trial race on Saturday. The trails and the stage race format makes Ruston one of our favorite race venues. Unfortunately, the weather stayed consistent as the other TMBRA races and it had rained before race weekend. My racing on Saturday consisted of a fairly decent short track race and a pretty pitiful time trail; with hopes of returning to decent racing on Sunday.

Sunday rolled around and I just couldn't get motivated. As time to get the "race face" on rolled closer I was less and less motivated to change clothes, let alone line up. After deciding that I had a major case of the "Ehhhhh - I don't wanna's" I left the bike on the car and took up position in the feed zone.

The highlight of the day was when Alan came through between laps and pulled up to me with his mouth open. I had a mini PayDay bar already unwrapped (I was planning on handing it to him), so I crammed that in his mouth with one hand while giving him a fresh bottle with the other. As Alan was riding off, I heard someone comment about how smooth that looked and how long did it take us to get that down. Told him that was the first time we've ever done it.

The next and last race was in Smithville (home of Hope Floats). This course was changed up as everyone was going to race one big 20 mile loop. For us and the Cat 2 racers, the distance was normal race distance; it was shorter than what the younger Cat 1s race; BUT, double the distance for the Cat 3 racers.

My race was pretty lackluster, but I wasn't last (YEA!) and I finished the series in 5th. If I had raced the cross country race in Ruston, I may have finished the series in 3rd or 4th, but I was still good with my decision to skip that race.

Next up was the Mellow Johnny's Classic race at Lance's Juan Pelota ranch (yes, that Lance). Not being a big fan of racing the Texas Hill Country terrain I had signed up for pre-riding the course, but not racing. Kyle was taken out of the race by an accident, so I had the option of taking his race entry. After riding the course I decided that although it was fairly Kathy friendly, I still had a case of the "I don't wanna's" so I gave up Kyle's race entry. Alan had aggravated something in his shoulder/chest, so he gave up his race entry also. For the first time that I can remember, we left the bikes at home and were at a cross country race as spectators.

Now for something completely different: While going for my morning latte fix last Friday, I had the unfortunate experience of opening my car door only to find it attached to the front of a Prius.
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My car is currently at the body shop waiting for a new driver's door. While there, they are going to also take care of some mystery dents (I love parking lots!) in the back quarter panel and assorted door dings that the car has acquired over the years.

Hopefully I'll have more to write about before 2010.

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