Monday, October 26, 2009


and that pretty much sums it up.

Lately it seems like we've have more overcast, dreary, rainy days that not. 7.17" of precipitation in September and already 7.52" for October and we still have a couple more days to go, with more rain forecasted for the end of the week. Blech! I know we've had some gorgeous sunny days, but those just seem so far and few between lately.

I've also been slower than normal to adjust to the cooler weather of Fall. Motivation to get up in the mornings to walk/run has been hard to find. It takes a lot just to get out of bed knowing that it's in the 60s, or cooler, outside; throw in some moisture and it just ain't gonna happen. If it wasn't for the dog I would never get up early until summer comes around again.

All of the rain leads to mud, which means little to no mountain bike riding except racing. While we are still racing, it has been in less than stellar conditions. In most cases race day has been nice, but the course has been sloppy. Wet trails lead to messy bikes and crapped out chains. I seriously think it would have been a good idea to buy a case of bike chains before the season started, as it seems like we have needed to replace the chain after almost every race.

We have one more race in the Fall series. Then the guys are racing the Mellow Classic (benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation) which will be held on Lance Armstrong's ranch west of the ATX. Would it be too much to ask for two dry races? I hope not.

In November Alan will start coaching another Team in Training group for the Ouachita Challenge in March. While I am not participating in the event this year (been there, done that, got the zip ties); I will be on the training rides.

Here's to sunny days and positive attitudes... Cheers!