Monday, August 31, 2009


Hmmm, it's been a month since I've posted anything. I'd like to say that I've been so busy that I haven't had time, but that wouldn't be true. Now, I have been busy... but busy with the mundane ins and outs of daily life. You know - exciting things like work, laundry, riding my bike, and sleeping - which pretty much sums up my day.

Not much can be said about work, can't really complain about my "boss" as I'm married to him. Well... I guess I could if there was something to complain about.

Laundry: sort, wash, dry, fold/hang, repeat. It's one of those things that is never, ever caught up. Spend all day getting it done and the next morning there's more... sigh. It's the same with dirty dishes - never ending.

Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. Never seem to get enough of that. The down side of semi-serious competitive cycling is that the weekends of sleeping in and lazing around are a distant memory.

Guess that leaves cycling. Surprised, aren't you? While everyday riding/training is fun and I look forward to the weekly rides with my girl friends, racing is what I really enjoy. Which is funny, because I'm not that great of a racer; but, if there's a mountain bike race in the area you will most likely find me lined up.

We've already had the first of the DORBA/N Texas Series races, which is held at local trails. That race went well, with both the AJ and I having good races.

Then a couple of weekends ago, The AJ & I road-tripped to Houston for the weekend to see friends, ride some new trails and do one of their local races. The race was fun and I was happy with my results, even if I did lose it on a bridge and slam myself violently to the ground. After a few unladylike comments I got the chain back on the front rings and continued with my race, catching and passing the lady that passed by while I was doing my impersonation of a flounder.

Last week, even with a sore shoulder, I kept thinking about how much fun the race had been and the knowledge of a 2nd race at the same location kept tempting me to make a return trip to settle my grudge against a certain bridge. The AJ wouldn't be able to go, as he had a welding/fabrication project that he had been hired to do and needed to get finished up. I made a few phone calls, found a place to stay, and with kitchen pass in hand I hit the road last weekend for a return trip and a chance to redeem myself.

Conditions were great for the race - cooler temperatures, lowish humidity (for Houston) and most importantly dry bridges! Although my race time was 6 minutes faster, everyone else's was faster, too. While I didn't improve on my race results, I was not caught by the lead men and I crossed all the bridges without falling down... YEA! Cool video taken of the race, I'm even in it!

Battle of the Brazos Mountain Bike Race: 08/30/09 from Paul Sedillo on Vimeo.

Thanks to KarmaBiker race pics are here, here, and here.

The Fall TMBRA season will be starting soon, so with that and the DORBA races I'll be able to get my "race fiend" fix for the next couple of months.

All for now... my comfy pillow is waiting for me.