Tuesday, February 10, 2009

this-n-that, but really nothing much

Well, it's official - our son is no longer a "teen-ager" as he has reached and passed the 20th anniversary of his birth. It was also the first time we did not spent his birthday with him. We offered to meet him and a friend half-way and buy dinner as we did last year; or, he could go out with a group of friends and I would pick up the tab. He opted to stay local and go out and his friends ended up paying for his dinner. (Wow - they're all growing up!)

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity which started with Kyle coming into town for a school project and staying though the weekend. A nice bonus for Kyle being in town was that he was able to join us Saturday morning as we were among the witnesses of the marriage of one of his "adopted" brothers. It was a nice wedding, small and not over-the-top, held at The Little Chapel-in-the-Woods on the TWU campus. Although the ceremony was a bit non-traditional, I think it fit the bride & groom well.

Saturday was completed with a nice 3 hour mountain bike ride at a trail close to where the wedding reception was held. During the ride I met up with Inna and we had a good time chasing each other around the trail.

Sunday was another busy day. We were up early and drove down to Waco to ride the trails at Cameron Park. After a couple hours of riding we grabbed lunch, then every one headed home with Kyle continuing south down 35, while we headed back to the north.

We got home in time to clean up and I grabbed a quick power nap because next on our agenda was a hockey game. Friends of ours have season tickets to the Stars and the couple that sits next to them had scored a free upgrade in seats for that game, so they offered their tickets to our friends, which in turn invited us to join them at the game. We haven't been to a Stars game in quite a while so it was a nice night out. To top it off, the Stars won!

This coming weekend is the start of the TMBRA Spring Championship race series with the first race being held in Terlingua.

The "best" part of this race is the climb up Tres Cuevas:

As a final note, we are in the middle of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Watch, so sounds like it's going to be a wet & wild evening tonight.

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