Saturday, February 28, 2009


Anyway, got out to -H early this morning for our pre-ride.
Lovely day for a pre-ride. Temps in the upper 30s - low 40s, which really isn't that bad.

Now the north wind... that was a different story.
Wind Speed 17 mph
Max Wind Speed 33 mph
Max Gust Speed 43 mph

The start run, which is downhill and last week I easily coasted at 20mph, became a struggle to peddle down. Fun.

The wind is supposed to die down overnight and 8-10mph winds really won't be an issue. Now the forecasted temperature of 29deg for 9am is not something to look forward to!

Sitting in the hotel room in Gainesville. No, I'm not a Cat 1 mountain bike racer, but I did spend the night at Holiday Inn Express last night!

Send warm thoughts!

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