Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a quickie

I haven't posted anything in a while. I could say it's because I really haven't been doing anything worth posting about since race season is over and that would be partly true. Work, riding, life and sleep seem to take up most of my time. It's all the same old, same old of everyday routine and who really wants to write, let alone read, about that.

Although race season is over, training has actually picked up. One of my riding buddies made a comment along the lines of I've never seen you really train before. Well, I've never attempted racing at the Mountain Bike National Championship before, at least not until this year.

Not that I'm expecting great results (others in my family have that burden on their shoulders), but I would like to not embarrass myself. So I have been listening to my "advisor" and training, including doing the painful things like intervals. While I think I am riding stronger I have never done long extended climbs or ridden at altitude (7900' +/-).

Well, I will soon find out what it's like and will have something new and exciting to write about. I think I'll also get to experience pain pellets at a whole new level.

Wish me luck!

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