Friday, July 31, 2009


A couple days ago I celebrated 49 years of existence.

I know people that contemplate the life they've lived either on their birthday or at the start of the new year. Are they were they dreamed they would be? Met the goals they set?

What about me? Am I where I dreamed I would be, met my goals in life?

I couldn't tell you because I don't ever remember thinking that far ahead. It seems that I'm one of those that just float along; but, floating along seems to have worked for me. I do good to make plans for tomorrow; so I'm not going to worry about what's going to happen next month, let alone the next year. Although there have been a few bumps and bruises along the way, so far I am very happy in how my life has turned out and given the chance I don't think I'd change a thing.

I've been happily married to an amazing man for 3/5ths of my life (he's the one that has been steering the boat) and we have a wonderful son that is the best of both of us. I didn't go to college, but I've been signing my own paycheck for nearly 25 years. While I can't retire anytime soon, I can pay off my credit card balance every month and still put some money into savings. My friends range from business executives to college students.

My biggest question in life is who is the old lady in the mirror?
Because in my head I'm still in my early 20s.

Obviously I'm not much of a deep thinker either.


Lagniappe said...

Because in my head I'm still in my early 20s.
I'm with you. I always find it hard to reconcile the person I see in the mirror with the person I feel I am.
I also think of you as the "20 something" friend. As long as we keep the person in our head as 20... we will always BE 20.
So, Happy 20th birthday my friend!!!

PunchintheCRUX said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

zero said...

you may not believe you're a "deep thinker" but it sure sounds like you're doing something right.

many of us so-called "deep thinkers" sometimes overthink things which can be counterproductive.

i like your approach.