Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well... not really... but we did get a visit from the fire department at work yesterday.

At the end of the day the guys in the suite next to ours got a whiff of that "something is hot, but not on fire yet" smell. They couldn't find anything in their offices so they checked the electrical room for the building, which is next to their suite, and the smell was much stronger in there so they called the fire department.

Before long we had a fire truck completely accessorized with an ambulance, EMS supervisor truck, Special Operations truck and a police car to assess the situation.

Checking out the room wasn't enough... someone needed to get up on the roof, too.

It turned out that the main panel for one of the other suites had overheated and was "cooking" the insulation around it.

So, luckily the guys that are only in their offices 1/2 the time were there at the end of the day. Not only did they notice the smell, they checked it out and called the fire department and the source of the problem was found. Scary to think that it could have easily not happened that way.


Kyle J. said...

But fire + chemicals = fun! Right?

Lagniappe said...

DANG! Your karma must be good! That is one lucky thing that they found it before it got out of hand.
You might want to think about buying a lottery ticket now.

aka Kathy said...

Better luck than we experienced in the late 90s when the suite next door DID have a fire in the middle of the night (Christmas Eve). Thank goodness for the late night security guy driving by at the right time and good firewalls in the building. We only had smoke damage.