Monday, December 15, 2008


I really wanted to write up about the past weekend, but the brain is foggier than normal and is doing good to keep up with the auto-pilot body support system.

Sooo... instead I'm going to do the Cliff Notes version.

Couple weeks ago during our morning coffee at Starbucks David V asked if I wanted to do the 6hr race at Boulder with him as a co-ed team. I told him that my Saturday mornings where taken with Alan's Team in Training (TnT) mountain bike group. Well, I mentioned it to Alan and he said I could if I wanted. Well, we haven't ridden Boulder in about a year, so I wanted to ride the trail and see how I did on it. (See 12/07 post below for details.) Last week I informed David of my awe inspiring lap times and he said he was OK with the times since he was going to be single-speeding and he hasn't been riding that much lately. Thus team "Kitchen Pass" was born.

Fast forward to 6:30 Saturday morning and I'm picking David up and we're on our way to breakfast and a good long ride for the day.

The start lap is about a mile on the road, then 5 miles on trail. Since David is on the SS we decide that I'll take the first lap, then we'll alternate from there. Oh, we have a ankle band timing chip that we share - so that has to be traded off each lap. When David comes in from his first lap he's shaking and huffing & puffing so I make the mistake of asking "are we racing?" and the answer was "of course".

Anyway - we put in 7 laps (6 full + 1/2 lap start) with David doing 3 laps and averaging an hour per lap; after the start lap I get 3 more laps at 1:05 for the 1st full lap up to just under 1:08 for the final lap. We finished 3rd, just over a minute behind the 2nd place team and unfortunately about 13 minutes behind the 1st place team.

By 5:00 we've got our money (YEA!!! - we got less than 1/2 our entry fee back, but it's better than nothing) and head home. I've two hours to get cleaned up and ready for the cycling club's year end/Christmas party... piece o' cake.

Go do party stuff for the next 3 hours. Go home and SLEEP because the next morning we're riding Boulder - that's right, returning to the scene of the crime for more punishment. Sleep wasn't as good and restful as I was hoping for, but at least we didn't get up really early.

Sunday - get up, load up, eat and head back out to Boulder. Alan is meeting some of his riding buddies and I meet up with Jen as we are both just out for an easy spin. About 1/4 of the way into the second lap I tell Jen to "put butter and jelly on me - I'm toast!". I just want to finish the ride and go rest. We cut the out the longer climbs and shorten the ride. Jen goes out for another lap and I head to the car to wait for Alan.

The guys finish up their ride and we grab some lunch then head home. We get the car unloaded and Alan gets a phone call from one of his TnT mentors that he could use help working a concession stand at the Cowboys game. I'm in need for some fundraising money (more on that in it's own post) so I grab a quick shower, change into some TnT gear and head out to Texas Stadium for about 5 hours of standing.

Needless to say, it was a busy, busy weekend and this old lady is tired.

At 9:50 it is way past my bed time. Later ZZZZzzzzzzz

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