Sunday, December 7, 2008


We went to Boulder today, first time we've been out there in over a year. There's a lot of fun single-track out there, climbs that challenge me and downhills that take me out of my comfort zone and onto my feet.

The first lap was a easy reconnoiter lap, just checking it out and to see how well I remember the trail.

So, I'm riding along checking it out and get to the service road that we cross a couple time and see that they've added some blocks and re-routed what is normally a two-way traffic section... cool. Turn off the road to go back into the trail and I see something new and unexpected PhotobucketWHAT THE...????

Now why would they build a raised bridge to cross a dry gully? Come on Mr. Trail Steward, was this really necessary? sigh I back up to get a running start and go up and over. I mutter under my breath for the next mile or so, then get back into the fun of riding my mountain bike and the bridge becomes a thing of the past as I get lost in the joy of riding the swoopy dips and twisty trails.

The trail continues to roll under my wheels and as I come up a small climb I see Photobucket and in the words of the infamous Emily Litella think to myself "Oh, that's very different... Never mind."

Any way, finish my first lap with an impressive time of 1:22 for 10 miles. Next lap I know what to expect on the trail and ride a bit harder, taking 12 minutes off my lap time. Don't think my body is completely recovered yet, but I'm getting closer.

On a final note, I think I may need some new riding socks... what do you think?
Why is that my favorite socks are the ones to holes in them?
...and NO, they weren't like this when I started my ride!


Lagniappe said...

So does the trail go under the bridge then?
THAT would be cool!!!
And... my favorite pair of wool socks...same thing.
Doggone it.

aka Kathy said...

Yep, Boulder now has an overpass.