Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Paw update

Well, it's been two weeks since Shimano sliced his foot and he's almost healed. He still gets to wear the stylish neoprene booty when he goes outside, but when he's inside he gets to stay bare-pawed.

The Vet says that hopefully by next week the cut will be completely healed and he will be able to return to his normal routine of being a stay-at-home and harass the squirrels outside dog.



Which also means that instead of the 5:45am wake up and let me out (which allows me to crawl back into bed for a precious 5 more minutes), it's back to the 5:45am wake up and let's GO FOR A WALK!


Chris said...

Poooor doggie :(

Said poor doggie doesn't like me, though...

aka Kathy said...

Not that he doesn't like you, he just heard too much about "stranger danger" when he was a puppy and is cautious about people he doesn't know unless Mommy is there to make sure it's OK.

Lagniappe said...

Good. Now you can get back to your regularly scheduled run at 6 am!
Glad he is doing better.

aka Kathy said...

More like walks. I'm not running with "race" season in progress.